Len Oranzi - Musician
I am a musician living in the Philadelphia area. I work during the week managing a print shop at a major music publisher and I do freelance gigs on the weekends.
I have a degree in music (Magna cum Laude) from West Chester University where I majored in classical guitar and composition.
I spent about ten years on the road playing bass and guitar in various music shows.
Among those that I currently perform with are The Joe Soprani Trio, Up Front Big Band, Tom Smith, and The Main Street Orchestra.
I currently have a small but state of the art recording studio at my home. I'm in the process, with the help of fellow musicians, of learning the art of sound recording.

Although I received my degree in music composition, I matriculated through the entire classical guitar program at W.C.U under Glen Lyons.

Previously I'd studied classical guitar with E. Chaves - = - U.TEP and Joseph Mayes at the Bryn Mawr Conservatory.




Here I'm presenting "Preparing Your Compositions for Publication and Performance" to composition student and professors at Florida State University.

As pictures left and right I do most of my professional work on the bass fiddle.